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We work with the latest technologies to deliver high-end products.
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Hermes Autopilot

Hermes is the most effcieint autopilot in the market, highly customizable and capable of steering all types of airframes.

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This precision agriculture device can collect useful data from farming machinery and upload it to the cloud, allowing farmers to have access to useful data about their crops.

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The ECOntroller is an exceptionally versatile gas detection system. It can be applicable in a variety of environments and can measure a large quantity of gases.

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TC102 is an after-sales solution aimed at providing safety services for anyone on/off road, air, sea.

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The Agrodrone is an unmanned aerial vehicle capable of carrying 20kg of pesticides and spraying crops in the most effective and efficient way.

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Plug ‘N’ IoT

Plug ‘N’ IoT is world’s easiest way to create Internet of Things. Plug any sensor to it and you’re set!

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Wings for Aid

Collaborative project to develop unmanned aerial vehicles with the mission of delivering aid to people in need.


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We are a unique full-service Automation Vehicles Services and Products company, with exceptional knowledge and core competencies in a broad range of information technology and automation industry.

Our mission is to develop simple, robust, high end products granting autonomous navigation in any kind of physical domain. Our projects have already been selected by and are receiving support from international entities.

The satisfaction of our customers is our first concern; a remarkable service is our footprint.

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