New office!

There is no better way to celebrate it than sharing with you through the first post!

For those people who are not updated with our latest news, we want to get you informed that we have recently moved to a new office! The company is currently located in the Leiden HubSpot Building, a recently stablished startup incubator and a perfect place full of people interested in technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

Why HubSpot?

The company decided to relocate the Leiden office to HubSpot building due to several reasons, but speciIMG_4723ally; its entrepreneurial and technological environment, its attractive workspace and location, 5 min from Leiden Central Station.

The new location provides us with great facilities but more important it has allowed us to bring with us, and increase in size and tooling, our electronic laboratory where we develop tailor hardware and software solutions for our customers in different sectors; IoT systems, security, drone industry, etc.

Work among different technological startups and organizations will help us to get more market exposed by getting closer to our potential clients and partners. It will give us the possibility to contribute for a more entrepreneurial and innovative environment, being constantly in contact with other people who is passionate about developing innovative solutions and sharing our knowledge with them.

Currently there are different companies like Polariks or Leyden-jar, developing innovative solutions, and organizations like Luris, which provides support and connections between Leiden University Academics and companies.

Now, we also have decided to start a blog, so we feel excited to get going and ready to share our expertise and knowledge with all of you. Here you will know about the latest tech news, our activity and products development, events and much more.



You can find more information about our technology consultancy services in or even better send us an email,, if you want to have a talk.

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