Discover our industrial designer!

This week is the time for the industrial designer of AvioniCS Control Systems!

The name of the professional is Jerry van Sinderen, our dutch human capital in the company. He started his work as Industrial Designer Trainee at Avionics in February and was given the assignment to design a waterproof drone as his graduation project. The start of the project consisted of doing a lot of research since he was not exactly a drone-expert. As the project progressed, and the design phase started, he could really begin and use his creativity.

Apart from designing in 3D modelling software, there are a lot of real world tests to be done in order to check if concepts actually work as intended. This meant getting to grips with the 3D printer. Over the past few months, he has made a couple of modifications to greatly improve the ease of use and output quality of the printer, making it an even more helpful tool in the design process. The drone project is nearing completion as he is getting closer to finishing his internship at Avionics.

Jerry is also frequently helping the rest of the team out to develop quick prototypes for all kinds of projects, using the 3D printer or doing graphical design (logo’s etc.).

As Jerry says: “The alternation between the different tasks keeps every day interesting and fun!”



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