8 septiembre, 2015

Hermes Autopilot


In Avionics Control Systems we design and produce the brain and the intelligence of drones, that is, the autopilots. The development of technology applied to drones and the creation of a proprietary autopilot is one of our top level corporate research projects.

HERMES is an aircraft control system, particularly for drones and fixed wings. It was developed during our time as incubates in the ESA BIC and it is a unique industry autopilot due to its customization capabilities and high performance in all kinds of aircraft.

Ground Station


Along with the autopilot itself, we also developed the Ground Station software, so the user can have total control of the aircraft at their fingertips. With this tool, the user can easily plan the flight and have constant, reliable data of flight data and other important information.

The software features the following characteristics:

    • User friendly and intuitive interface.


    • Flight plan set up with way points.


    • Automatic take off and landing of the drone.


    • “Go home” function.


  • Display of pitch, roll and yaw values and altitude.



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