10 septiembre, 2015



ECOntroller is a revolutionary air quality measuring system which promises to be
the most advanced system of pollution management in urban areas and the best weapon of the Green Cities.

ECOntroller designs2ECOntroller is a gas measuring device equipped with an intelligent system that is networked with other devices to continuously obtain levels of butane, methane, oxygen, CO2, humidity, temperature  and atmospheric pressure.

An extensive network of ECOntrollers spread across the city would constantly monitor the quality of the air the citizens are breathing, and will allow the municipalities to decide the best actions to carry out.

The device constantly sends the information of the analysis to a database set up in the cloud via GPRS or 3G, after that, it is collected and analysed by a data processor central which will provide us the results derived from the raw data.

This way, once the network devices are strategically installed in the city they obtain a constant visualization, detailed and in real-time of pollutants levels in the air in each of the areas of the city.

With this information the public administration of each city will be able to effectively analyse and monitor the improvement of their environment thus improving the health of its citizens.