10 septiembre, 2015



Total Control 102 is a small integrable solution for vehicles aimed at providing an immediate response to the eCall regulation the EU will soon launch whenever there is a collision, though we push it way beyond the regulation itself.

This versatile solution works whenever it senses the vehicle has collided, and immediately sends an alert to the emergencies and friends or relatives previously chosen by the user.

Because of the technology integrated in the TC102, this system has a wide variety of applications: it can be used as a tracking system for pets, so the user can access through their phone to a map and have accurate information of the whereabouts of their pet at all times.

The solution is based on 3 elements:TC102 project

    Hardware: a trigger device. The shape is modelled upon the client product of interest. We have miniaturised the device to a 2 euro coin in diameter.
    Software: an app (currently iOS) with a flexible and modular structure able to be adapted to all scenarios, as well as provide services upon the contract the client will engage with.
    Data: data collection is a very important element of the TC102, as with it we can open door to future services, product and new concepts.

The areas in which the TC102 can be implemented are numerous:

■ Transport

■ Sport

■ Wearables

■ Insurances

■ Personal

■ Track & Trace