10 septiembre, 2015

Lean Prototyping


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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand pictures.

We operate in the intensely competitive technology industry, which is characterized by rapidly changing technology, evolving industry standards, frequent new product introductions, and price and cost reductions.

To compete successfully in this environment, Avionics Control Systems must rapidly design and develop solutions and products that are valued in the market. We prototype early and often, and we collaborate closely with our clients while doing so.

With over 28 years of combined experience, our team will closely work together to deliver tailor-made solutions to our customers, making sure expectations are exceeded.

We are all familiar with the adage,

“Cost, price and quality: You can have two, but never the three of them.”

But being an SME, Avionics Control Systems uses a flexible consultative approach that guarantees results meeting all three aspects. To do this, we keep a close watch on shifts in market to ensure competitive prices, while maintaining the quality of our products and services.

Industry 4.0

The challenge of the fourth industrial revolution is the development of systems capable of scanning and monitoring processes and services, turning the outcome data into useful information.


The evolution of sensorics and communication systems is another major industrial challenge of this century.

AvioniCS is the key to your project. We integrate all kinds of devices to achieve the excellent performance of your industry idea.

■ Communication & Electronic Systems■ Adapted sensor technology

■ PCBs design

■ Data processing algorithms

■ Control Systems■ Database servers (SQL)

■ Monitoring interfaces of processes and services

■ Software development. Multiple programming languages


Internet of Things

We live in a globalized world where the networked interconnection of everyday objects is changing our lifestyle.

■ Design of Big Data-oriented data management systems■ Communications state-of-the-art

■ Experience in Bluetooth Low Energy Developments

■ Design and development of mobile applications Android & IOS■ Multiplatform graphical user interfaces

Sensor integration adapted to devices (positioning, motion, gas measurement…)


Mobile Solutions

Mobility plays an increasingly essential role in business and daily live providing a new level of communication to the users. AvioniCS provides a full customized solution to your business project.

■ Java Applications■ Android & IOS applications

■ Design and manufacture of PCB’s

■ Database servers (SQL)

■ Monitoring interfaces for applications or web■Motion sensors, environmental, positioning, gas, light, sound, pressure, biometric…

■ Communications:
– Mobile: GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G
– Smartphone: Bluetooth, BLE, NFC
– Wireless: Wifi, Wimax


Communications & Sensorics


We always bet on the latest technologies in telecommunication pushing your business at the forefront of the industry.

■ Large experience in telecommunication systems for either industry scope and user’s personal environment

■ Data processing algorithms

■ Control systems

■ CommunicationSystems

■ Protocols


Sensor networks are currently one of the most promising technologies, due to the application versatility and the increasingly impact on the field of industrial automation.

■ Motion sensors:
– Magnetometer
– Gyroscope
– Accelerometer

■ Positioning sensors:
– Gps / Glonass / Galileo
– Ultrasound
– Infrared

■ Gas sensors:
– CO2
– O3
– Methane
– Propane


■ Biometric sensors:
– Cardiac rhythm
– Arterial pressure
– Ocular globe

■ Light sensors

■ Humidity Sensors

■ Pressure Sensors

■ Temperature sensors

■ Sensor fusion