15 septiembre, 2015



Avionics Control Systems BV was established in 2012 with the purpose of becoming a reference in unmanned technologies and products. At the beginning of its activity, the company was hosted in the ESA Incubation Centre of Noordwijk (The Netherlands) in the frame of a Start-Up Development Program.

Nowadays, our main office is located the city of Leiden (The Netherlands) but we also have another facilities in the Naval Air Base of Valkenburg, where we can test our autopilots and drones.


We are a unique full-service Automation Vehicles Services and Products company, with exceptional knowledge and core competencies in a broad range of information technology and automation industry. Our business has two branches: drone technologies and the development of technological solutions for our customers by following the method of lean prototyping.

Our mission is to develop simple, robust, high end products granting autonomous navigation in any kind of physical domain. Our projects have already been selected by and are receiving support from international entities.

The satisfaction of our customers is our first concern; a remarkable service is our footprint.