8 octubre, 2015

Plug ‘N’ IoT


A lot is being written about Internet of Things and the power and possibilities that connected devices give us: controlling the lights of our houses, the temperature, send us notifications after a certain event… The list of possibilities is endless and so is the list of smart gadgets in the market but it seems that still it is quite hard to develop your own Internet of Things projects if you aren´t into electronics and have no idea about programming.

Plug ´N´ IoT is basically an enabler of all the things mentioned above, only kept simple. No fuzz or complicated programming. The product basically consists of a processor with connectors where the user can connect any sensor of their choice and by doing a drag and drop on the interface, set up the notification they want to receive on their mobile phones via text message.


The aim of Plug ´N´ IoT is to make easy and accessible for everyone to create their own Internet of Things, whether it is for security purposes such as setting up a proximity sensor next to their front doors, or just for fun – track your pets’ whereabouts in the neighbourhood via GPS, for example.

A few months ago we launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the production of the Plug ‘N’ IoT, but sadly we didn’t meet our goal. In any case, we had so much fun getting involved in the crowdfunding community and we definitely learnt a lot thanks to the feedback we got about the device. Our mission for the near future is to keep improving the Plug ‘N’ IoT until it is exceeds our public’s expectations and it is suitable for a crowdfunding campaign again.